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Don't Wilt Away, Little Flower

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() Takashi. 15. 9th Grade. Aquarius. Calm. Serious. Male. Crazy. Afraid of bugs. Caring. Childish. Japanese. 5'6". Sleepy.
FAVOR.ITES (Anime) NARUTO; Kakashi, Sasuke, Haruka Kanata BLEACH; Gin, Byakuga, Asterik, My Pace FURUBA/FRUITS BASKET; Shigure, Kyou, OP song, ED song, Rin/Isuzu KANON; Last Regrets, Yuuichi, Sayuri
TV, MOV.IES Monk, American Idol, Heroes, House, Avatar: the Last Airbender, School of Rock, Mulan, Scary Movie 3, Pirates of the Carribean, etc.
SPECIAL FACTS: In love with this heck of a lady. LOVES, LOVES, LOVES taiyaki. Uguuu. Current OTP: SasuSaku. Loves playing KH2. Wants to be a ninja. Just kidding. Feels nostalgic. Loves Chinese culture. Born in Kyoto, Japan. Lives in Missouri. Has OCD.

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